The iPad and iPhone, depending on model, now use a similar operating system which is becoming more like a laptop every update. Below are summarized a few of the areas I will blog and create YouTube videos.


This app resolves a lot of wishes and complaints and provides for downloading, uploading and opening files on numerous Cloud sites, flash drives, hard drives and more.

USB Drives

You can connect a USB Drive or FlashDrive (Thumbdrive) to the iPad. If you have a cable with the proper fittings you can connect directly or use the Apple Adapter for USB-C to USB-A female. Finally.

iCloud and others

The Files app enables transferring files from your IOS device to iCloud or other cloud site.

Mac OS

Connect your IOS device to your MacBook or other Mac using the USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Lightning cables, wait a bit and your device will appear in the Mac OS Sidebard at the bottom in Locations. Tap on the icon and your device drive will appear in the window and you can select from the tab menu such as Files.


The iPad can act as an almost 2nd monitor for your MacBook or other Mac. I can do some work in FileMaker Pro on the iPad, not as much as I would like but why would I want to if the MacBook Air is next to the iPad.

FileMaker GO

FileMaker Go is an IOS app that runs locally FIleMaker Pro files saved to FileMaker GO 19, 18, 17, 16…. Older versions run smoothly in 19 but versions created in 19 may not run without error in earlier versions since they do not understand the new features.

You can open FileMaker Pro files on FileMaker Server when you have a proper Internet or WiFi connection or peer to peer with FileMaker Pro.

It is great to be able to open the FileMaker file on a Mac for development and simultaneously on an iPad or iPhone to verify the layouts so you can make real time changes as needed.