I hate to admit it but I bought my first Mac, an SE, in 1986 or so. I was using a Tandy 100 and a TRS-80 and had purchase another Tandy desktop. I hated that Windows DOS with a passion. Then I sat down in front of the Macintosh SE in a computer store, played around a bit and managed to print out a full page size small letter g by accident. When I saw it, I bought the SE on the spot.

The short story is i became a Macintosh Consultant since I read all of the manuals and loved to buy software. I could charge a fortune then since there were only two or three of us who could do this in Broward County. I also became a database consultant using FoxBase, 4th Dimension and FileMaker and I played with other apps.

In 2008 I fell ill about the time the country went into the dumps and pretty much lost most of my stuff. Times were tough for me but I persevered and with a little luck now have a new iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max and a 2020 MacBook Air. Got rid of all the awful used Windows laptops I had to buy.

I am happy again.

MacBook Air 2020

I finally purchased a MacBook Air after wanting one since the first one slid out of that paper envelop Steve Jobs held. Almost 12 years have passed since I last used a Macintosh and super wow there is so many mew things to learn.

The MacBook Air 2020 has two USB-C ports and no other. Is this good or bad? An accidental discovery says it ain’t all bad. More later.


The most significant change is the Type-C port. Apple did away with all of the other ports and I wondered if it mattered. No. I’ll blog soon on what I have learned and if I ever read the manual I might learn more.